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Workers Delight Supreme Marble Top 5/8"


Product Description

  • Workers Delight Supreme Marble Top 5/8" soft foam mats are easy to clean with an attractive Vinyl marble top surface. 
  • Unbeatable anti-fatigue properties using Zedlan foam that offers that extra bounce needed to stimulate muscle and blow flow. 
  • Overall thickness of 5/8" 
  • Durable solid surface structure gives this anti-fatigue floor mat an extra couple years of product life. 
  • Designed with beveled edged and round corners to create a safer walking environment. 
  • Workers Delight Supreme Marble Top 5/8" mats have a  puncture-resistant vinyl marbled surface for better durability and stability.
  • Available in two colors: Black and French Grey
  • Standard sizes: 2'x3' , 3'x5', and 3' x 12'. (Usually in stock) 
  • Ideal Applications: Dry Anti Fatigue Areas, Pick Module, Warehouse, Laboratory, Dental Office, Medical Office, Pharmacy, and Cashier Stations.

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