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WellnessMat MOTIF Trellis - Kitchen Mats


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 WellnessMat MOTIF Trellis - Kitchen Mats              

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  • The WellnessMat Motif Trellis-Kitchen Mat is part of the MOTIF Collection
  • WellnessMatTrellis Anti-Fatigue Mats are made from durable advanced Polyurethane technology.
  • All WellnessMat modern kitchen mats will retain their resilience and buoyancy for years of anti fatigue mat relief - 7 Year Warranty
  • WellnessMat Motif Trellis-Soft Kitchen Mats have a visually striking lattice-like pattern that were inspired from antique wrought iron designs. Trellis kitchen floor mats will complement any cabinetry, furniture, or accessory in the home.
  • WellnessMats Trellis kitchen mats, like all WellnessMat anti-fatigue mats will not suffer edge curl like other floor mats - The WellnessMat floor mats will always lie flat.
  • WellnessMat Trellis floor mats are thick and comfortable to stand upon - a full 3/4" thickness
  • Each WellnessMat Motife Trellis floor mat is puncture and heat resistant and will not delaminate making this a superior kitchen mat.
  • WellnessMat Motif Trellis-kitchen mats are ANTI-MICROBIAL, STAIN RESISTANT, and BACTERIA RESISTANT.
  • Beveled Edging to ease transition from floor to floor mat and to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Each WellnessMat Trellis anti-fatigue mat is Proudly Made In The USA.
  • Available Colors :  Black, Brown, Gray or Tan
  • WellnessMat kitchen mats with the Motif Trellis modern floor mat design are available in two sizes:  2' x 3'   or   2' x 6'
  • Ideal Applications for WellnessMat floor mats are:  Home Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Workshops, Retail Counters, Nurses Stations


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