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WellnessMat MOTIF Entwine-Kitchen Mats


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WellnessMat MOTIF Entwine Kitchen Mats                        

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  • Entwine is one of the newer additions to the WellnessMat Motif line of anti-fatigue kitchen mats collection
  • WellnessMat Motif Entwine kitchen mats provide a soft embossed French inspired floral design, that adds a refreshing and decorative floor mat for your kitchen or standing workstation.
  • All WellnessMat anti-fatigue mats are easy to clean and are naturally anti microbial. 
  • WellnessMat Entwine floor mats will alway lay flat and will never suffer edge curl or delamination. 
  • 3/4" thickness makes the WellnessMats Entwine kitchen mat one of the most comfortable fatigue mats available.
  • All WellnessMats come with Beveled Edges to reduce trip hazards.
  • WellnessMats Entwine kitchen mats are puncture and heat resistant, which is an important feature for a kitchen environment
  • Stain and dirt proof, WellnessMat floor mats are easy to maintain.
  • WellnessMats - Entwine kitchen mats are available in two Standard Sizes: 2' x 3' and 2' x 6'
  • 7 year performance Warranty.
  • Recommended Uses for the WellnessMat Motif line of floor mats: Community/Home Kitchen Areas, Community/Home Laundry Rooms, art studios, workbenches, cashier registers, counters, etc.



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