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Weldsafe Anti-Fatigue Mats 9/16"


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  • Weldsafe Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats in a 9/16" thickness have a tough 3/16" thick rubber surface on the floor mat that repels sparks and hot metal shards in welding areas.
  • Weldsafe floor mats are made from recycled content, Weldsafe anti-fatigue mats do their part for the environment.
  • Weldsafe floor mats use a Nitricell sponge base permenantly bonded to rubber surface, providing a high melting point of 285 degrees which is the desired threshold for welding fatigue mats.
  • Weldsafe welding mats are an overall 9/16" thick
  • Weldsafe welders floor mats have beveled edging on all 4 sides to prevent trips.
  • The Weldsafe welding floor mat is available in 2', 3' and 4' Widths up to 60' in length, 
  • Use Weldsafe anti-fatigue mats to outfit just about any welding area.

 Need a Welding floor mat with more cushion? Also Availbale in 7/8" Thickness 

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4 Year Warranty

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