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Weldsafe Anti-Fatigue Mat - 7/8"


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Weldsafe Anti-Fatigue Mat - 7/8"

  • Weldsafe Anti-Fatigue Mat in a 7/8" thickness sports a  3/16" thick surface that repels sparks and hot metal shards as it offers extra durability in heavy welding situations.
  • The Nitricell sponge base of our 7/8" thick welder's fatigue standing floor mat offers unparalleled resilience and comfort.
  • All Weldsafe anti-fatigue mats have a surface rubber with a high melt point 500 degrees F.  This makes Weldsafe one of the best welding floor mats on the market.  
  • You can depend upon the 7/8" thick Weldsafe welding standing floor mat to outperform the traditional anti-fatigue mat in spot welding situations
  • Weldsafe welding floor mats are available in 2', 3' and 4' Widths up to 60' in length
  • The Weldsafe welder's floor mat has beveled edging for safety
  • Weldsafe anti-fatigue mats are made from recycled rubber content
  • Color: Black

Weldsafe Welding Floor Mat is also Available in a 9/16" Thickness 

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4 Year Warranty

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