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Waterhog Diamondcord Entrance Mats


Product Description

  • Waterhog Diamondcord Entrance Mats are elegant indoor scraper mats that not only look great but also perform great.
  • The Waterhog Diamondcord door mat is manufactured with a permanent rubber reinforced bi-level surface that is designed to minimize pile crushing as it provides for excellent dirt and moisture collection.
  • Waterhog Diamondcord floor mats are Earth Friendly with a rubber backing that is made from 20% recycled tire content.
  • Two Backing Options:  Use Waterhog Diamondcord doormats with a cleated backing for carpeted floors or a smooth back for hard floors.
  • Diamond pattern on the surface of the floor mat creates sa craping action for multiple-direction foot traffic use.
  • The Rubber border of Waterhog Diamondcord barrier mats for entrances serve as a "water dam" to keep moisture retained within the mat below the walk surface 
  • Waterhog Diamondcord entrance mats are not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products.
  • Available in 3', 4' and 6' Widths up to 61' in length - Great for use as runner walk off matting
  • Use the Waterhog Diamondcord doormats for medium traffic areas of retail businesses, schools, hospitals, office buildings, churches or at home - Or as a runner floor mat to protect floors.


Please Note:

Waterhog Diamondcord entrance mats come out slightly smaller in size, due to “curing” process.

Ask an associate for further details.


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