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Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles


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  • Waterhog Classic carpet tiles are available in 4 Patterns - Classic Square, Diagonal, Diamond, or Geometric pattern. 
  • The Waterhog rubber backed carpet tiles have the same outstanding cleaning performance and benefits as the Waterhog™ Classic mat.
  • Each entrance mat carpet tile is 18" x 18".
  • Waterhog Carpet Tiles are available in a 1/4” or 7/16” thickness.
  • 1/4" Waterhog carpet tiles are shipped 12 to a case. (Square foot a case = 27)
  • 7/16" Thick Waterhog rubber backed carpet tiles are shipped 10 to a case. (Square foot a case = 22.5)
  • With a premium 24-ounce anti-static, 100% polypropylene fiber system, Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles dry quickly and won’t fade or rot.
  • These industrial carpet squares were designed to be installed in recessed indoor/vestibule entrances, lobbies, elevators, or any other recessed high traffic areas.
  • Modular flexibility to handle small to large entrances mat areas and entrance mat areas that are oddly configured.
  • As with all Waterhog floor matting products, the permanent rubber reinforced bi-level face will not crush. Provides years of superior dirt and moisture collection.
  • We recommend using a Solvent Free, Multi-Purpose Adhesive for installation of the Waterhog Eco Premier rubber carpet tiles.
    • 1 gallon of Multi-Purpose Adhesive covers appoximately 117 square ft.
Want Something More Earth Friendly?? - Waterhog ECO Premier Tiles
Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles
Waterhog Classic Carpet Tiles

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