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Waffle Entrance Mat


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  • The Waffle Entrance Mat has 100% Nitrile Rubber Backing, providing maximum durability.
  • Needle-Punched Polypropylene Fibers are easy to clean and dry quickly. 
  • PLEASE NOTEThese mats are all made to order. They are NOT in-stock. Production time takes about 4-7 business days. Please allow at least 2 weeks for complete and total delivery. 
  • Waffle Entrance Mats pattern has reinforced rubber under each raised square to increase scraping action and to prevent pile crush and raising foot traffic above the moisture trapped by the mat.
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Beveled Edging.
  • Simple to clean, just vacuum or hose off
  • Passes flammability standards DOCFFI-70
  • Reinforced raised edging prevents retained water from seeping off of the mat onto surrounding floors - thus reducing the threat of slip and falls.
  • Waffle Mat Entrance Mats are ideal for Indoor or Outdoor use at Entrances.
  • Additional Uses: in front of ice machines, drink stations, vending / breakrooms, warehouse entrances or any place where a high level of dirt and/or moisture presents a challenge.

Waffle Mat Entrance Mat


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