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Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote with Striped Yellow Border


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  • Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote with Striped Yellow Border is a popular anti-fatigue mat providing both comfort and a visual warning to personnel of potentially dangerous areas.
  • Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote floor mare also available with a SOLID YELLOW BORDER.
  • Diamond-Plate Spongecote soft floor mats offer comfort, enhanced productivity, long-term performance and an industrial image
  • With a Vinyl Surface bonded to a Nitricell Sponge base that insulates feet from cold hard floors, the Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote fatigue mat is a thicker version of one of the most popular fatigue mats on the market
  • Nitricell Sponge base is a nitrile composite that provides for exceptional comfort, resilience and a long life
  • The 15/16" overall thickness makes these working mats very comfortable. 
  • The Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote with Striped Yellow Border has Beveled Edges on all 4 sides with a yellow chevron border for increased safety from Trip Hazards
  • Ultra-Soft Diamond Plate working mats are chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Ideal Applications for this anti-fatigue mat include:  Service Counters, Shipping and Receiving, Retail Check - Out Stands, Pharmacy Counters, Mail / UPS Rooms, Dry Assembly Lines, Copy Machines, Dry Workbench Areas, Packaging Areas, Parts Counters, Laboratories, etc.
  • Ultra-Soft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote Fatigue Mat - Black with Yellow Chevron Border is available in 2', 3', and 4' Wide Rolls up to 75' in Length 
  • Compression:  .5 inches @ 35PSI per ASTM D575
  • Coefficient of Friction:  .68 Dry per ASTM F1677
  • Tabor Abrasion: <1% Lost @ 1000 cycles per Fed Std 191
  • Flammability Rating: Surface Rating: MVSS 302 " A Rating
  • Flammability Rating:  Sponge:  Mil-P12420C Burned for <5 seconds
  • Color:  Black with Yellow Chevron Border
  • Warranty:  4 Years

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