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Traction Tread Soft Anti-Fatigue Matting


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Traction Tread Soft Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Traction Tread Soft Anti-Fatigue Mats are ideal for numerous applications:  Parts Counters, walkways as a runner, gym floor protection, laboratories, food service areas, Mail Rooms, and just about any place where a low profile anti-fatigue mat runner is needed.
  • The 1/4" Thick Traction Tread Soft anti-fatigue floor mats offers superior offers Slip-Resistant floor protection.
  • Made from a chemical-resistant, high density Nitrile Rubber floor mat Foam, Traction Tread Soft anti-fatigue mats can withstand the abuses of greases, oils and most chemicals
  • Traction Tread Soft floor mats are GREASE PROOF
  • Traction Tread Soft rubber floor mats are Welding Safe
  • Use the Traction Tread anti-fatigue mat around sensitive electronic equipment when you require a Static Dissipative floor mat.
  • Traction Tread Fatigue commercial rubber floor mats are also UV Stable
  • Traction Tread Soft anti-fatigue matting is also treated with an ANTI-MICROBIAL additive making this an ideal mat for food service and laboratory settings
  • Custom floor mat sizes are available in 33", 44" and 58" Widths in lengths up to 40' Long.
  • Use Traction Tread Soft Anti-Fatigue floor mats as an individual mat or as a floor mat runner to offer a safe and comfortable walking surface.
  • It is a High Grade rubber floor mat that and will easily roll up and roll out and lay flat.

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