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Traction Tread Safety Mat


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  • Traction Tread Safety Mat is specifically designed to enhance floor safety and to protect personnel from slipping while walking on potentially slick surfaces.
  • A UV Stable Nitrile rubber floor mat construction makes the Traction Tread Safety Mat a superior covering to protect athletic tracks from potential damage caused by cleats and turf equipment
  • With a 1/8" thickness, Traction Tread floor mats have a low profile which prevents the rubber mat from lifting up during windy settings
  • Traction Tread floor mats also provide Slip Resistant floor protection and are made from chemical resistant Nitrile Rubber
  • Traction Tread safety mats are also Static Dissipative
  • Custom floor mat sizes are available for the Traction Tread Safety Mat - Available in 33" Wide, 45" Wide and 58" Wide rubber floor mats up to 40' in length
  • Traction Tread Safety Mat is great as a safety mat runner to be used indoor or outside
  • When used as a Track Shield, Traction Tread floor mats provide for a safe walking surface that is easily rolled out prior to football games.  It can also be used to protect gym flooring or in any application where enhanced floor safety is desired
  • Popular Uses for Traction Tread floor mats: Track Protection, Parts Counters, gym floor protection, locker rooms, laboratories, and numerous safety applications where a floor mat runner is required.

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