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Tile-Top AM #420


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  • Tile Top AM #420 Anti-Fatigue Mats offer a comfortable standing surface that satisfies even the most demanding workers.
  • With a Nitrile Rubber Composite Sponge, the Tile-Top AM #420 Anti-Fatigue Mat offers years of comfort.
  • Overall Thickness is 1/2" 
  • For those employees who need an even softer, more comfortable floor mat, we recommend the thicker Ultra Soft Tile Top anti-fatigue mat which offeres a 3/4" thick Sponge Base.
  • The AM stands for Anti Microbial - as a result, Tile-Top AM #420 fatigue mats are popular in pharmacy and hospital settings.
  • The thick sponge underside helps insulate feet from cold hard floors.
  • All Tile-Top AM #420 floor mats have beveled edges for increased safety from trip hazards. 
  • Use Tile-Top AM #420 Anti-Fatigue Matting to help increase worker productivity and comfort.
  • Recommended Use: Service Counters, Shipping and Receiving, Retail Check-Out Stands, Pharmacy Counter, Mail/ UPS Rooms, Dry Assembly Lines, Copy Machines, Dry Workbench Areas, Packaging Areas, Parts Counters, Laboratories, etc. 
Surface Flammability:  MVSS 302:  "A" Rating
Sponge Flammability:  MIL-P12420C - Burned for < 5 seconds
Coefficient of Friction Dry:  .79
Anti-Microbial:  ASTM G21-96 (2002)  Passes
Tabor Abrasion:  1000g, CS-17 wheel, 1000 revs .025g lost (-.1%)
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