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Switchboard Matting - Type 2, Class II - Diamond-Plate


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  • Switchboard Matting - Type 2, Class II - Diamond-Plate uses a special compounded non-conductive material that is designed to help prevent electric shock around high voltage electrical equipment, such as fuse boxes, and control panels.
  • Switchboard floor matting - Type 2, Class II - Diamond-Plate non-conductive mats can withstand 30,000 VAC but are not recommended to exceed 17,000 volts
  • Diamond-Plate Switchboard mats meets all requirements for Ozone Resistance, and Oil Resistance.
  • Type 2, Class II Switchboard diamond matting in a Diamond-Plate pattern are ¼” thickness
  • All Switchboard floor mats are tested to ASTM D178/ANSI J6.7 standard. Certification engraved on the underside of the floor mat
  • Diamond-Plate's surface pattern promotes a safe walking surface
  • Custom switchboard diamond tread rubber mat sizes are available in 2', 3' and 4' widths in custom Lengths up to 75’

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