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Break Room Mats for Schools

Your break rooms and teachers’ lounges are often very busy places, and having the right mats in place can promote safety in every area. The Mad Matter has break room mats and other options that can withstand coffee and snack spills, and that lay flat on carpeted surfaces. If you’re unsure which mats will be best, contact us and we’ll gladly help you choose. We want you to have the ideal mats in every area of your school or college, and we have the very best options!

Chair Floor Mats

There are chairs in nearly every room of a school, and having the right mats in place can protect floors from chair legs and rolling casters. If you need new mats for your desk and chair areas, The Mad Matter is here to help. We have plenty of options to choose from, and our knowledgeable team will gladly help you pick the ideal matting products. We have mats that are great for carpet, wood, and more, and offer affordable prices on all of our products.

Exercise Flooring for Schools

Your school gym sees a lot of use throughout the year, as the sports teams and individual athletes use it to get stronger and faster before their season begins. The Mad Matter has rubber mats, gym flooring rolls, and other exercise mat options that are ideal for your school gym and workout areas. It’s important to have mats that are durable and can withstand foot traffic, dropped weights, and exercise equipment. We also have interlocking tiles that allow you to configure your workout areas as needed. Shop with us today!

Shower and Wet Area Mats for Schools

School shower and locker room areas require a specific type of matting to prevent against slips and falls and other accidents caused by standing water. The Mad Matter has the perfect shower and wet area mats for school settings, and we can provide products for your locker rooms, pools, and more. If you need non-slip tiles for your shower areas, or pool matting so the swim team is safe during practice, shop with us today!

Locker Room Matting for Schools

School locker rooms need matting for several areas, including showers, changing areas, and entrances. The Mad Matter has specific matting products for locker rooms, and it doesn’t matter if you need mats for a high school, college, or local rec center, you’ll find them in our store. These mats can withstand cleats as the football or soccer team enters and exits, as well as provide non-slip surfaces for athletes entering and exiting the shower area. If you need new locker room matting, shop with us today!

Track Protection Mats

If you’ve just installed a new track at your high school or college, you want to be sure that it will be protected. Obviously there will be cleats used on it when athletes are running and competing, but if the track is not being used, you can protect it with new mats from The Mad Matter. If the track surrounds the football field, you can lay down mats to protect it as football or soccer players cross it while wearing cleats. Your mats can also protect the track from wheeled turf equipment such as mowers or line painters. Shop with us today!

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The Mad Matter has specialty mats, matting, and interlocking tiles designed for all types of school settings. If you need a rolling chair mat for your office desk, or track mats for the school rec center, you’ll find it in the categories below. Our mission is to provide the perfect mats for your various needs, including everything from locker room mats to teacher lounge flooring!