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Entrance Floor Mats

When you need entrance mats, there’s no better choice than The Mad Matter. We have indoor options, outdoor options, logo mats, and much more. You can even find recessed aluminum and walk off mats! Look through the categories below to find new entrance mats for your home or business.

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Wet Area

Wet area mats are essential for keeping employees and others safe in corporate pool and sauna areas. At The Mad Matter, we carry a wide inventory of swimming pool matting and other wet mat options, helping you decrease slip and fall hazards where standing water is present. Look through our products now!


Runner mats can be used in a number of business settings, and our inventory of commercial carpet runners, vinyl mats, and anti-fatigue runners give you countless options. If you’re unsure what size or configuration you need, our team will help you choose the ideal runner mat options. You can place runners in your kitchen, storeroom, or behind front-desk counters. The possibilities are endless!

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We have kitchen mats and anti-fatigue mats for both commercial and residential use, and you’ll always be able to find the perfect matting options. If you’re a chef at a five-star restaurant or someone that loves preparing meals at home, keep your feet, ankles, legs, and back pain-free with our anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

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Our anti-fatigue floor mats can make any workstation more comfortable, and if you’re on your feet for a majority of the day, you’ll love having one at your desk or counter. We have a vast inventory of anti-fatigue matting options, and can help you choose the right mats for your needs. Look through our products and let us know if you have any questions about anti-fatigue mats!

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Exercise is very important, no matter if you’re working out in your home, at the office gym, or at your favorite fitness club. The Mad Matter has a great selection of exercise flooring, and if you’re adding a home gym or you manage a corporate fitness center, you can find the floor mats and interlocking tiles that will protect your flooring from dropped weights, exercise machines, and other equipment.

Interlocking Tiles

The Mad Matter has interlocking tiles and mats for virtually every application. If you need wet area tiles for your company pool and spa area, or you’re heading to a trade show and need new flooring, you’ll find the right mats in our online store. If you’re unsure which mats will be right, or which mats can withstand heavier wheeled and foot traffic, contact us right away.

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Salon Mats

Barbers and hairstylists are on their feet all day long, and it’s important that they’re able to focus on the client in the chair, instead of the fact that their legs and feet are tired. The Mad Matter offers a great selection of salon anti-fatigue mats, and can help you find the best options for your salon or spa. You can choose barber mats with a chair cutout or depression, or pick flat mats to use behind counters.


At The Mad Matter, we don’t just carry mats for commercial use, we also have a great variety of floor mats for residential applications. We have home floor mats for your laundry room, front entrance, home gym, and more. If your current matting is looking a bit worn, look through our categories to find your new mats! If you have questions about a certain product’s availability, or want to know more about sizing or lettering, please contact us right away.

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Safety and comfort are important in every business setting, and The Mad Matter has commercial floor mats for every application. Whether you work in a restaurant kitchen, at the front desk of a five-star hotel, or on the factory floor of a large manufacturing center, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable workspace. Browse through our various categories and find your new mats today!

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Trade Show

Trade show flooring needs to be easy to install and remove, and it also needs to be comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. If your company sends you to several trade shows every year, recommend upgrading your trade show carpet tiles by shopping at The Mad Matter. We have lots of flooring and mat options, and know that any one of them will make your booth better!


With safety mats from The Mad Matter, you can promote a safer working environment for every employee and visitor. We carry switchboard safety mats, floor runners for assembly lines, static dissipative mats, and more. You’ll find matting for both wet and dry areas, and we can recommend the best options depending on your specific needs. Look through each category to find the mats that will work for your setting, and contact us with any questions!

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If your garage floor is looking tired, transform it with new floor mats from The Mad Matter. We have several options for both residential and commercial use, and can suggest the best mats for any application. If you work on custom cars for a living, or you’re building a motorcycle in your spare time, keep your garage looking great with new rubber floor mats. We offer a variety of colors and textures, so it will be easy to find your favorite!

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Stall Mats

Your horses and other livestock deserve to have a comfortable spot to stand or sleep when they’re in their barn stall, and The Mad Matter has the perfect rubber mats for those spaces. It’s important to have mats that are easy to clean, and you’ll find options that are ideal for stalls, trailers, and other areas where livestock will be kept for long periods of time. These mats will keep the animals insulated from the cold ground and provide a safer walking surface for them.