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SandTrap Entrance Mats


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  • SandTrap Commercial Entrance Mats offer the heavy duty performance desired for high traffic entrance mat areas like office buildings, hotels, etc.
  • LEED Credits available when SandTrap floor mats are specified for governmental and commercial buildings:  
    • MR Credit 4 (1-2 points)
    • IEQ Credit 4.1 (1 point)
    • IEQ Credit 4.3 (1 point)
    • IEQ Credit 5 (1 point)
  • Sandtrap indoor entry mats provide superior walk off mat performance and look great while doing so.  
  • SandTrap Commercial Entrance Mats are ideal for Indoor or Outdoor applications on top of hard walking surfaces.
  • SandTrap is also known as Hercules Nop, Super Nop 52 and more generically as a Heavy Duty Berber Matting
  • Sandtrap business entrance mats have a 3 year limited WARRANTY 
  • Berber Surface Pattern allows the SandTrap entrance mat to effectively scrape shoes clean from any direction.
  • Custom floor mat sizes are available. This Sandtrap doormat for sand is available in 6' 7" and 13' 2" Widths (2 meter and 4 meter) in rolls up to 101' 8" Approx. 
  • When used on top of hard walking surfaces like Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Rubber, Concrete or Stone, SandTrap indoor door mat will have a heavy duty beveled edge applied make transitions from floor to mat more safe.
  • Door Mat Construction:  100% Asota Solution Dyed UV Stable Polypropylene fibers with 20% post-consumer recycled content
  • Needle-Punch Construction
  • Door Mat Total Weight:  93 ouncers per sq. yd.
  • Door Mat Pile Face Weight:  52 oz./sq. yd.
  • Sandtrap indoor entry mats have an approximate 1/2" overall thickness
  • Door Mat Backing:  OxForce High density Crumb Rubber
  • Custom floor mat sizes Available to the nearest inch upon request - Call for Pricing
  • SandTrap floor mats make a great Logo mat. CLICK HERE for more information. 
  • The SandTrap Entrance Mat can also be used in a Recessed application
  • When high levels of foot traffic or wheeled traffic from carts or buggies is anticipated, it may be advisable to secure the SandTrap floor mats to prevent movement.  This can be accomplished with the use of a double-sided tape applied to the underside of the floor mat or SandTrap can be more permanently adhered with several types of adhesive.  Please call for more info. 
  • Recommended Uses for Sandtrap heavy duty entrance mats:  Indoor and Outdoor Entrance mats for Office Buildings, Businesses, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Schools, Mall Entrances, New Construction projects.


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SandTrap Entrance MatsSandTrap Entrance MatsSandTrap Entrance Mats

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