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Safety Scrape Floor Mats


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  • Safety Scrape Floor Mats quickly transform slippery floors into a much more safe walking surface
  • Safety Scrape door mats are made from durable rubber mat construction
  • All Safety Scrape rubber mats are Eco Friendly with a 20% Recycled content.
  • With a low profile 1/8" thickness, Safety Scrape entrance mats present a minimal tripping hazard.
  • Safety Scrape floor mats are UV Stable so they can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • When used as an outdoor scraper mat, the molded grip top surface of SafetyScrape floor mats aggressively scrape dirt and grime off of shoes before the soil can enter the building
  • Safety Scrape floor mats are recommended for use outside of entrances, grocery store produce areas, locker rooms and in any area where a wet environment presents a slip and fall situation.
  • All Safety Scrape floor mats are certified as slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Safety Scrape door mats are available in the following sizes: 2' x 3'   3' x 5'   3' x 10'   4' x 6'   and   4' x 10'



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