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Anti-Fatigue Safety Mats

Safety and comfort are desired qualities in every work environment, and with anti-fatigue mats from The Mad Matter, your hotel, motel, or resort can have the proper matting in every area. We have an extensive inventory of anti-fatigue and safety mat options, and can help select the ideal products for your hospitality venue. Your employees will thank you, and you won’t have to worry about safety hazards in your building. Shop with us today!

Kitchen Safety Mats for Hotels

Your hotel kitchen is a busy place, and it’s important to have the right matting in place. The Mad Matter has safety mats that are ideal for prep counter areas, dishwashing stations, walk-in freezers, and other spaces. If you’re concerned about water or grease creating a slipping hazard, look through our catalog today to find the perfect mats for your kitchen. We look forward to helping you!

Non Conductive Switchboard Matting for Hotels

Non-conductive switchboard mats are necessary to protect employees from electrical shock. If your current mats are looking worn, or aren’t up to the necessary specs, update them by shopping at The Mad Matter. There are different types and classes of switchboard mats, and we can help you select the proper ones for your building. If high voltage is a concern in your hotel or resort, find your new mats today!

Static Dissipative Safety mats for Hotel

Your hotel most likely has a number of workstations with computers, as well as several other sensitive electronics that need to be protected from static discharge. If you want to protect your high-tech equipment, find new static dissipative safety mats today at The Mad Matter. Static electricity can build up almost anywhere, and with the right floor mats, you can keep everyone and everything safe. Find your new mats now!

Safety Floor Mat Runners for Hotels

Floor mat runners can be quickly deployed to increase the safety of many areas in a hotel or resort setting. When choosing which safety runners will perform best, pay attention to the types of traffic that the mats will be subjected to. Wet areas may need runners that are non absorbent and provide safe footing. Floor matting directly inside a hotel hallway entrance may need to dry feet to protect against slip and falls. Other types of floor matting runners may need to withstand some sort of oil or grease associated with a nearby kitchen or drink station, and should be able to handle that type of abuse. Using floor mat runners outside on a deck or exterior walkway may require UV stability and fast drying properties. Let us know if we can assist you in finding the best safety floor mat runners for your hotel or resort.

Wet Area Safety Mats for Hotels

If your hotel or motel has a pool or spa area, make sure the proper matting is in place by shopping with The Mad Matter today. We have wet area mats for pool and shower areas, as well as interlocking tiles for spas and hot tubs. You’ll be able to provide a safe standing and walking surface for guests and employees, and minimize slip-and-fall hazards in your building. Look through our products today, and please let us know if you have any questions!

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Our safety mats for hotels and the hospitality industry come in a variety of types. Choosing the right waterproof floor mats for a pool area, sauna, or outdoor shower can be challenging. You will find a large and diverse selection of safety floor mats below, and when you make the decision to place these mats into service in your hotel or resort, you are sending a clear message to your guests and employees that you value their safety. If you need assistance in choosing the best industrial floor matting or waterproof flooring for your particular application, such as anti-static mats, please call us for assistance.