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Anti-Fatigue Safety Mats

Safety is a top priority in every hospital, and that extends from the equipment in each room to the mats on the floor. The Mad Matter has anti-fatigue safety mats for every healthcare application, from standing workstations to pharmacy counters. If you need new mats to help your staff members avoid tired legs and feet during their long shifts, shop with us today!

Runner Safety Mats

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must have safety and fall protection protocols in place, and the proper runner safety mats can help with those protocols. The Mad Matter has hallway carpet runners, rubber runners, and vinyl rubber safety mats that can be implemented throughout your hospital to protect guests, patients, and staff members. Look through our inventory today, and let us know if you have any questions!

Non Conductive Switchboard Matting

There are areas of your hospital or healthcare facility where high voltage is present, and it’s important to have the proper switchboard matting in place in those areas. The Mad Matter has a great selection on non-conductive mats, and we can recommend the best options based on your needs and specifications. Please let us know if you have any questions about types, classes, or other mat details. We look forward to helping you!

Static Dissipative Safety Mats

Static electricity can pose a serious problem in any building, and even more so in a hospital or medical center. The Mad Matter has static dissipative mats that are ideal for your hospital or healthcare facility, and you’ll be able to protect computers and other sensitive electronics in your building. Your machinery and equipment are very important, so protect them with new mats from our store!

Wet Area Safety Mats

There are many areas in a hospital or nursing home where water is present, such as physical therapy pools, bathtub areas, and patient bathrooms. It’s important to have the proper wet area mats in place, in order to prevent slip-and-fall accidents that can lead to injuries. The Mad Matter has wet area safety mats for pool and spa areas, as well as labs and other areas where water could be a risk. Shop with us today!

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Safety is important in any building, and even more so in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Mad Matter has a wide selection of safety mats for use in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and medical facilities. The categories below include anti-fatigue mats, rubber safety mats, non-conductive mats, and wet area matting. When you need safety floor mats, shop with us!