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Anti-fatigue mats can make all the difference in your workplace, and The Mad Matter has an outstanding selection of rubber mats from which to choose. If you work in a commercial kitchen or industrial setting, our rubber anti-fatigue mats will provide comfortable standing space, and will withstand constant foot and wheeled traffic. If you’re not sure which rubber floor mats are best, use our Mat Selector Wizard or contact us today!


Home gyms, corporate fitness centers, and local training gyms all have unique flooring needs, and The Mad Matter can meet every one of them. With our exercise flooring options that include interlocking rubber mats, flooring rolls, and more, you can install new durable flooring that will withstand constant foot traffic, dropped dumbbells, and the weight of heavy exercise machines. If you need new weight room flooring or exercise mats, shop with us today!


Industrial workplaces need mats that promote both safety and comfort, and The Mad Matter has the ideal products for industrial applications. We have durable rubber floor mats, as well as floor mats with safety borders that will alert people that they’re entering a potentially hazardous area. Our mats will provide adequate traction and comfort for workstations, and your employees will avoid tired legs and feet during hours of standing.


Our interlocking rubber mats allow you to configure your flooring as necessary, and you can make changes as needed. These rubber mat options are ideal for commercial kitchens, industrial areas, and other applications where the flooring needs to be easy to clean and easy to move. If your work area is L- or T-shaped, these interlocking mats make it easy to place flooring around corners and in small spaces. Shop today!


Commercial kitchens require specific matting solutions, and The Mad Matter has the right products for any hotel, restaurant, or diner. For those that stand all day at a counter, stove, or sink, chopping, cooking, and cleaning, it’s important to have the right rubber kitchen mats. We carry comfort and anti-fatigue mats that will help chefs, dishwashers, and other kitchen staff avoid tired legs and feet during their shifts. Look through our inventory today!


Runner mats promote safety in a number of applications, such as hospitals, healthcare centers, and nursing homes. Our selection of rubber runners can meet a variety of needs, and can be used in hallways, cafeterias, or vending machine areas. They’ll withstand foot traffic and wheeled traffic, and will make your facility safer and more comfortable for staff, residents, and guests. Look through our selection and let us know if you have any questions!


Slips and falls can happen anywhere, but with the right safety mats in place, accidents can be minimized and prevented. At The Mad Matter, we carry a great selection of rubber safety mats, and can help you improve your commercial building or hospitality venue. These mats can be placed virtually anywhere, and they will keep guests and employees safe when they’re walking, standing, or working.


Welding areas need floor mats that can withstand constant wear and tear, as well as hot sparks and heavy machinery. The Mad Matter has rubber welding mats and interlocking tiles that are ideal for fabrication shops and industrial areas. With these mats, your shop and workspace will be safe and comfortable, and every welder will be able to stand, bend, and walk around their current project. Shop with us today!