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Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mat 1" Thickness


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Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mat 1" Thickness

  • Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mat in a 1" Thickness provide this dual action blend with buoyant polymer sponge and vertical column support domes.
  • The super resilient closed-cell polymeric sponge base encourages a subtle and constant series of small adjustments to leg and calf muscles.
  • The solid domed Reflex surface is compliant and will form to the shape of the foot, providing equal support of the entire footprint; simultaneously the domes provide an upward vertical force and simple manipulation of the feet helping to reduce the effects of long term standing
  • Beveled Edging for Safety
  • Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats are available in two thicknesses: Heavy Duty - 5/8" thick mats - Recommended in areas where tasks require personnel to move around large work stations. Super Duty - 1" thick mats - The anti-fatigue mat of choice in standing work stations delivering unparalleled comfort.
  • Colors Metallic, Black, Glossy.



Additional Features

5/8" Thickness 

5/8" With Yellow Safety Border 

1" With Yellow Safety Border


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