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Reflex Anti-Fatigue 5/8" With Safety Edge


Product Description

  • Same as our standard Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mats but with a Yellow Visual Warning Safety Border.
  • The standard Reflex Anti-Fatigue Mat has an overall 5/8" Thickness
  • Reflex floor mats are also available in a heavy duty 1" thickness.
  • Reflex Anti-Fatigue mats with Safety Edge uses a special design of a buoyant polymer sponge with vertical column support domes.
  • Large selection of sizes for custom lengths.  Reflex anti-fatigue matting is available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6' and 8' widths up to 75' in length
  • Closed-cell polymeric sponge base make Reflex anti-fatigue mats ahead of their time.
  • Industrial High-Tech non-directional surface with safety yellow borders to highlight work areas.
  • Ideal applications for Reflex anti-fatigue mats with a safety border include:  assembly lines, manufacturing, shipping/packing work stations, mail rooms and laboratories, parts counters and standing work stations. 

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