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Recessed Foot Grille Specs - GB 700

GB 700 Series Recessed Foot Grille Specifications:


  • 6063-T52 aluminum.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum spaced on 1-1/2” centers and connected with heavy duty aluminum cross beam gridlock system.  1” x 1/8” slotted holes for maximum drainage.
  • Vinyl cushions at the bottom of each support beam helps absorb sound 
  • FootGrille Thickness: 1-3/4" 
  • Depth with Foot Grille and Frame: 2”
  • Blade Spacing does not exceed 1/8”
  • Blade Dimension  1-3/4"
  • Insert Options for Recessed Floor Mats:
    • Mono Scrape Carpet Inserts
    • Poly Brush Inserts
    • Vinyl Inserts
    • Vinyl Abrasive Inserts
    • Serrated Aluminum Treads
  • Standard load rating for Recessed Foot Grilles is 350 lbs./wheel rolling load.
  • These Recesse Floor Mats have an optional recessed "L" frame.
  • Ideal for medium to high traffic areas
  • Please consult a sales representative for specific product line drawing profiles.



Recessed Foot Grille



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