Our recessed aluminum floor mats are great for providing a smooth transition from floor mat to the surrounding floor. A recessed application minimizes the possibility of trip hazards and helps provide a walking surface that doesn’t change levels. When recessed aluminum mats are utilized, they can be outfitted with a variety of tread inserts that will provide optimal cleaning action and moisture retention. Recessed aluminum floor mats can be used indoor, outdoor, or in transitional entrance areas like vestibules.

Recessed floor mats can play an integral part in achieving LEED certification and/or reaching the desired 18 lineal feet (LF) of walk off matting. Industry studies have shown that 18 LF of walk off matting will trap approximately 75% of the dirt and moisture before it gets tracked into your facility.

Recessed aluminum floor mats not only serve as an effective barrier to sand, salt, grit and moisture, they also look great and last for many years. Recessed entrance mats can often be refurbished over time, which creates a usable lifespan of decades. Look through our aluminum floor mat options today!