Outdoor entrance mats can be aluminum footgrilles and floor mats, carpet tiles or needlepunched floor matting. All recessed floor mats should have a frame around the perimeter of the floor mat to protect the edges of the pit from damage. Choosing the best outside recessed entrance mats starts with the depth. Deep pit recessed mats are 3/4" in depth or greater, and are usually comprised of aluminum rollgrates, footgrilles, or stainless steel matting. Shallow pit recessed mats are generally 1/2" or less in depth, and are usually comprised of 3/8" aluminum rollup mats, carpet tiles, or needlepunch rolled matting. All outdoor recessed mats should be fast drying and aggressive at scraping sand, salt, and grit from shoes before they can get tracked inside your business. For assistance in choosing which type will be the best outdoor recessed mat for you, please call right away.