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Ortho Mat 1 Anti-Fatigue Mats


Product Description

  • Ortho Mat 1 Anti-Fatigue Mats are ergonomically, doctor endorsed, orthopedic medical mats
  • All Ortho Mat Anti-Fatigue Mats are comprised of a soft Closed Cell PVC Nitrile Rubber that insulates feet from cold hard floors
  • Ortho Mat rubber floor matting have beveled edges for increased safety 
  • With an overall 3/4" Thickness, Ortho Mat floor mats provide superior comfort
  • Ortho Mat Anti-Fatigue Mats help to increase Worker Productivity, Comfort and Morale
  • Best of all, the Ortho Mat  Anti-Fatigue Mat is lightweight and easy to clean
  • Ortho Mat rubber floor matting has a 2 YEAR WARRANTY and a Life Expectancy of 3-8 years
  • The Ortho Mat floor mat uses an Anti-Microbial Compound that is added during manufacturing to prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth.
  • The nitrile composition of Ortho Mat 1 Anti-Fatigue Mats makes it impervious to petroleum products, chemicals, animal and vegetable fats
  • Available in Black and Gray
  • Ortho Mat 1 Anti-Fatigue Mats weigh approximately .75 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Available as an individual anti-fatigue medical mat or in custom sizes and configurations - Call for custom sizing.
  • Standard Roll Widths for Ortho Mat rubber floor mats are 22", 24", 36" 42", 44" and 48" up to 60' (Longer rolls available upon request)
  • PLEASE NOTE: These floor mats are NOT in-stock. Each floor mat is made to order
Common Applications for Ortho Mat 1 Anti-Fatigue Mat:  Service Counters, Shipping and Receiving, Retail Counters, Pharmacy floor mats, Mail Rooms, Dry Assembly lines, Work Bench areas, Packaging Areas and Parts Counters.

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