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Obex Entry System - Sepio


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The Obex brand of products offers highly effective, comprehensive modular entry solutions designed as a three zone barrier system to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building. 

Available in coordinated colors and patterns, OBEX entry products are engineered to increase the functionality of a building's entrance without forsaking elements of design or aesthetics. Simple and easy to work with, Obex offers entry systems that can be recessed or surface-mounted as well as exterior and interior applications.

Sepio is a modular carpeting entrance tile system that creates a beautiful first impression in a space that must also deal with an active world and create a barrier against the elements.

Manufactured with a dual-fiber ECONYL nylon yarn construction that provides high performance when it comes to catching dirt and moisture. Sepio is designed to be an interior walk-off solution in zones 2 or 3.

Sepio offers two popular designs, Rampart and Aegis, Available in four colorations to create the perfect balance of design and function.




Zone 1 = Outdoors: The area just before the building access - ideal for placing a product with scraping action to remove grit and heavy dirt particles such as sand and snow.

 Product Solutions - Prior and Tergo



Zone 2 = Indoors: The primary area just inside the building where a product with dual action-scraping and absorbing-should be installed to defend against dirt and moisture. This area often features a recessed mat well.

 Product Solutions - Sepio, Quadrus Brush, Forma 2.0, and Tergo


Zone 3 = Indoors: Secondary area inside the building after Zone 2. A textile product for moisture absorption is the preferred choice.

Product Solutions - Sepio, Quadrus, and Quadrus Brush 



Aegis Style Colors


Rampart Style Colors



Construction - Trufted, Multi-Level Loop


Tile Size - 50cm x 50cm (19.7" x 19.7")

Yarn Type - ECONYL Solution-Dyed Nylon Type 6

Tufted Face Weight -  Aegis: 27.6 oz/yd2 (936 g/m2)  Rampart: 28.2 oz/yd2 (956 g/m2)

Finished pile Height - Aegis: 0.254" (6.45mm)          Rampart: 0.256" (6.50 mm)

Average Density -     Aegis: 5,678                           Rampart: 5,801 

Standard Backing - PVC-Free Underscore ES Cushion

ADA Compliant

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