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Indoor Logo Mats for Hotels - Surface Application

If you’re searching for logo mats for your hotel or resort, The Mad Matter has the perfect options. These indoor mats can be customized with your hotel name or logo, and can be placed on the walking surface wherever a mat is needed. We can help you choose the ideal design, color, and size for your new logo mats, and will produce a quality product that will last for years. Shop with us today!

Outdoor Logo Mats for Hotels

Outdoor logo mats should provide a comfortable and safe walking surface for guests, successfully capture dirt and moisture, and create a great first impression. The Mad Matter has an amazing selection of outdoor mats for both surface and recessed applications, and our design team can create the perfect logo mat for your hotel or resort. We’ll also make sure your mats can withstand harsh weather, wheeled traffic, and constant foot traffic.

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Our logo mats for hotels and resorts come in a wide variety of choices. The complexity of the logo design and colors will play a large part in determining which custom logo mat will work best for your hotel or venue. Where the logo mat will be used is also important to take into consideration. Outdoor logo mats will need to withstand the elements, be simple to maintain, and durable. Logo floor mats for hotel lobbies will need to accent the design and provide a safe walking surface for those who enter. Whether you’re looking for a recessed logo mat or a logo mat for a surface application, you have come to the right place. The Mad Matter can answer all your matting questions, and help you choose the best logo mats for your hotel, motel, or resort.