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There are many types of floor mats used in kitchen areas where cooking or frying is not an issue.  Dishwash areas, transition areas between the kitchen and the dining room, drink stations, sink areas, inside walk-in freezers and refrigerators and various other walkway areas.  It is important to choose matting that has a low profile so that carts can easily roll over the edges and to lower trip and fall issues.  Standing work areas like dish wash stations should be comfortable mats for standing and should also have holes to allow moisture to drain through.  Floor mats in freezers should primarily focus on providing a nonslip walking surface.  Floor mats placed between the kitchen and the dining rooms should help to contain oils and grease to help prevent it from getting tracked onto other flooring surfaces.  Mats dealing with liquids like in front of sinks and drink stations should focus on providing a safe walk surface and help to keep liquids from seeping on to surrounding floors.  If you need help choosing the best kitchen floor mats for your areas, please give us a call.