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Anti-fatigue matting is important in any setting, whether it’s a front desk in a hotel, a standing workstation in an office, or a dishwashing station in a restaurant kitchen. At The Mad Matter, we offer a great selection of anti-fatigue interlocking tiles and mats. Look through our inventory today to find your new matting solutions!

Garage Tiles

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, working on your car, truck, or motorcycle, it’s important to have the proper flooring in place. With our interlocking garage floor tiles, you can configure your workspace flooring as needed, and move tiles when necessary. We offer a great variety of colors, shapes, and textures, and every one of them will protect your floor from dirt, oil, grease, and more!

High Impact Rubber

Our high impact rubber mats are ideal for outdoor applications, and will protect any floor or ground surface. They can also be used indoors wherever you need thick rubber mats, and we offer a vary of sizes and thicknesses. These mats can be used at skating rinks, in horse stables, or anywhere high-impact, high-quality flooring is needed.


Industrial workstations need mats that are both durable and comfortable, and The Mad Matter has the perfect interlocking rubber tiles for any industrial application. If the current mats in your manufacturing center are looking worn and thin, look through our inventory of anti-fatigue tiles and mats today. If you have questions about a certain mat, we’re always ready to help!

Kitchen Mats

Commercial kitchens can require unique matting solutions and at The Mad Matter, we have the ideal mats for any kitchen application. With our interlocking kitchen tiles and anti-fatigue mats, you can configure your flooring as necessary, and every employee will enjoy comfortable walking and standing while on shift. Browse our store today and find your new kitchen runners and rubber tiles!

Shower/Wet Areas

It’s essential to have the proper flooring and mats in place around showers, pools, spas, and other areas where standing water is present. In order to prevent accidents and injuries, placing non-slip floor tiles and other wet area flooring will ensure safe footing for everyone. The Mad Matter has an outstanding selection of shower area tiles and other wet area mats. Find yours today!