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It's important to understand the reason behind specific placements of different floor mats in a dependable entrance mat system. Each area is broken into 3 different zones, and in each zone contains a different type of entrance mat. Each mat has distinctive qualitites and characteristics that are designed to serve a particular goal. Take a look at the diagram below to give you a better idea on how to construct a superior performance entrance system, in helping to pick out the right Insert/Tread Type for the job.



Carpet- (Zone 3) Wiper and Moisture Absorption Designed for Interior Use  

black-cherry.png black.png blue.png brownstone.png charcoal.png chrome.png
  Black Cherry       Black       Blue Brownstone    Charcoal      Chrome
espresso.png hunter.png java.png mauve.png midnight.png sandy.png
   Espresso      Hunter        Java      Mauve     Midnight      Sandy


 Poly Brush- (Zone 2 & 3) Scraper+Wiper Superior Scraping Action

brush-grey.png poly-brush-black.jpg brush-brown.png
Grey Black Brown


Peak Vinyl- (Zone 1 & 2) Scraper Indoor/Outdoor Scraping Action

vinyl-black.png vinyl-blue.png vinyl-beige.png vinyl-brown.png vinyl-grey.png
      Black       Blue       Beige       Brown        Grey


Serrated Aluminum- (Zone 1 &2) Ultimate Longevity Scraping Action

       Serrated Aluminum


Alternating-(Zone 2) Alternating between Serrated Aluminum and Your Choice of Additional Insert

Aluminum Foot Grille 1-5/8