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Our industrial anti-fatigue mats and matting options come in a variety of forms: runners, individual mats, and interlocking modules. When choosing the best industrial floor mats for your business, consider in what type of environment the floor mats will be used. If there are oils, lubricants and chemicals, you may want your industrial fatigue mat to be made out of a durable nitrile rubber or possess a higher level of grease proof quality. For industrial anti-fatigue mats where oils are not an issue, but perhaps an odd configuration is required, use anti-fatigue matting that comes in interlocking modules to build your floor as needed. Many fatigue mats designed for industrial settings will have special features to meet the needs of each area, and every mat will provide a safe and comfortable standing surface. Industrial anti-fatigue mats often possess the option of a visual warning border or edge to alert people in the area of danger. Using the proper anti-fatigue mat will increase productivity and add ergonomic benefits for your employees. If you need help choosing the best industrial anti-fatigue mats for your business, give us a call and we’ll help you explore every option.