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Hog Heaven Marble Top 7/8"


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  • Hog Heaven Marble Top 7/8" anti-fatigue mats not only look great they also provide phenomenal relief to the standing worker.
  • The Marbleized Rubber Surface of the Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mat is molded to a closed-cell PVC/Nitrile blended cushion - Will Not Delaminate
  • Hog Heaven fatigue mats in a 7/8" thickness help to provide superior comfort the the standing worker
  • Hog Heaven Marble Top fatigue mats have a smooth diamond pattern that is easy to clean as it offers a safe walking surface.
  • All Hog Heaven Marble Top fatigue mats have Beveled Edging to provide for a safe transition to surrounding floors.
  • Static Dissipative.
  • Marble Top floor mats in a 7/8" Thickness weigh 1.30 lbs/sqft
  • Custom floor mat sizes are available in 3' and 4' Widths, up to 60' in Length. 
  • Recommended Uses for Marble Top floor mats: Dry Environments where form and function are important, Ideal for Mail rooms, Hostess Stands, Service Counters, Copy Machines, and any Standing Workstations.  
Hog Heaven Marble Top anti-fatigue mats are also available in a 5/8" thickness 

Please Note: 

Hog Heaven Marble Top Fatigue Mats come out slightly smaller in size, due to “curing” process. 

Ask an associate for further details.


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Hog Heaven Marble Top Fatigue Mats - 7/8" Thickness


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