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Happy Feet Linkable Mats Striped Border


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  • Happy Feet Linkable Anti-Fatigue Mats are Constructed with a dense cushion encapsulated within oil/grease proof Nitrile rubber.  They have color coded striped borders to act as a visual warning system.
  • Overall 1/2" thickness of rubber cushion.
  • Nitrile Rubber makes this a grease, oil, and chemical resistant mat with 20% recycled rubber content. 
  • Electrically Conductive. Safe for use in computer rooms and electrical part manufacturing areas.
  • Happy Feet mats are Welding Safe.
  • Happy Feet Linkable floor mats are available in two surface types. Textured Surface: For dry/damp areas where traction is unnecessary.
  • Specify Happy Feet with a Grip Surface for wet areas where maximum traction and/or scraping is needed. Recommended for industrial applications.
  • All Happy Feet fatigue mats are certified slip resistant by National Floor Safety Institute.
  • To minimize tripping hazards, all Happy Feet floor mats have beveled edges for a safe transition from mat to floor.
  • Happy Feet floor mats have a cleated back to minimize movement and maximize safety and the high quality rubber it is made from will not curl or crack.
  • Available in two separate module sizes that can be linked to form long runners:
    • Middle - 34" x 61.25" 
    • End - 34" x 59.876" 
  • Recommended for industrial anti-fatigue applications or anywhere a Rubber Runner mat is needed like:  Assembly Lines, Parts Counters, Mail Rooms, Picking lines and Shipping lines.


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