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Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Mats


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  • Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue Mats are industrial floor mats that are versatile in their use.  
  • With an overall 1/2" Thickness, Happy Feet floormats provide superior comfort for assembly lines
  • Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are available in two tough Static Dissipative Surfaces:  Uset the Textured Surface for Dry or Wet Workstations and a Grip Surface for Slippery/Wet workstations where maximum traction is crucial.
  • The low profile black beveled edges of Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats will not curl or crack.
  • All Happy Feet fatigue mats are Welding Safe.
  • Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are made from a Dense Rubber Cushion that is encapsulated within a Solid Nitrile Rubber skin that resists heel damage and protects the cushion from exposure to oils, greases and chemicals.
  • Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats have grippers on the underside of the mats to minimize mat movement.
  • Happy Feet floor mats are available in a 2' x 3' and 3' x 5' mat size as well as in 3' x 5' Linkable modules with center sections and end sections to create a continuous anti-fatigue mat runner. 
  • The Happy Feet floor mat is ideal for Assembly Lines, Picking lines and long counter areas where portions of a floor mat may become damaged. Replace one Andersen Mat Happy Feet Anti-fatigue module rather than the entire mat for other types of fatigue matting.
Also Available in Striped Borders - Happy Feet Anti- Fatigue Striped Border

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