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Grease Hog Walk Off Mat


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Grease Hog Floor Mat
  • The Grease Hog floor mat is designed for use in transition areas between kitchens and dining areas and for manufacturing plants between factory and office areas.
  • Use Grease Hog rubber kitchen floor mats to help stop grease and oil from being tracked into dining rooms and office areas.
  • Solution dyed polypropylene fabric of Grease Hog door mats will not fade or deteriorate.
  • Grease proof Nitrile rubber backing of Grease Hog restaurant carpet mats stand up to the punishing effects of animal fats, petroleums and grease.
  • The Grease Hog rubber mats for restaurants are designed with a permanently molded bi-level pattern on the carpet surface to provide an anti-slip surface.
  • The low profile ¼” thickness of Grease Hog entrance mats provide easy transition for carts and foot traffic.  
  • Grease Hog walk off mats are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • Unique disk pattern on back of the floor mat keeps it in place on hard floor surfaces.  Grease Hog floor mats are available with cleated backing for carpeted surfaces.
  • Two restaurant kitchen mat sizes available for the Grease Hog mat:  3’x5’ and 3’x10’.

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