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GRATEdesign Rigid Grate 1-3/4"

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Product Description

GRATEdesign rigid grate is sturdy and offers design flexibility and is effective in any type of high-traffic entrance.

Rail Material - Aluminum

Depth - 1-3/4"

Tread Spacing - 2-1/2" on center

Tread Options - Premium Carpet, Rugged Scrub, Vinyl, Ribbed Runner, Eco Tread, Aluminum Abrasive, Vinyl Abrasive, Serrated Aluminum or Brush

Rail Finish - Mill, Clear or Color Anodized

Frames - Level Bed or Deep Pit

Rolling Load - 1,000 lbs/wheel

Uniform Load - 80,000 lbs/ft2

Warranty - 2 or 5 years


Dual Treads for Dual Purpose - Now offering the design flexibility to mix and match treads. Simply select treads for absorption, scraping or slip resistance.

Strong and Silent - This durable aluminum entrance matting is constructed with I-beams for added strength and cushions to deaden sound.

Stop the Dirt at the Door - Protect your building floors from dirt and moisture with the use of entrance mats and grates.


Tread Options - For colors Scroll down or click on your choice below

 babcock-davis-brush-tread.png  babcock-davis-eco-tread.png  babcock-davis-premium-carpet-tread.png
 Brush (Black Only)  EcoTread  Premium Carpet
 babcock-davis-ribbed-rubber-tread.png  babcock-davis-rugged-scrub-tread.png  babcock-davis-vinyl-tread.png
 Ribbed Runner (Black Only)  Rugged Scrub  Vinyl
 babcock-davis-abrasive-insert-tread.png  babcock-davis-aluminum-abrasive-tread.png  babcock-davis-serrated-aluminum-tread.png
Vinyl Abrasive Aluminum Abrasive  Serrated Aluminum 

Rail Finish 

babcock-davis-anodized-colors.png     babcock-davis-gratedesign-rigid-grate-section-view.png


babcock-davis-deep-pit-cast-in-frame.png babcock-davis-level-bed-mech-fastened-frame.png babcock-davis-level-bed-cast-in-frame.png
Deep Pit Cast-In Level Bed Mech. Fastened Frame Level Bed Cast-In Frame



EcoTread Colors -


Premium Carpet Colors -


Rugged Scrub Colors


Vinyl Colors


Vinyl Abrasive Colors


Aluminum Abrasive Colors -






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