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Grade A Kitchen Mat


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Grade A Kitchen Mat

  • The Grade A Kitchen Mat is made from a 100% Nitrile Rubber Composite.
  • Each Grade A Kitchen Mat passes NSF test ASTM G21-09 (2013) for resistance to bacteria and other microorganisms. 
  • Furthermore, each Grade A Kitchen Mat is a GREASE PROOF Anti-Microbrial matting that is designed to withstand liquids and cleaning solutions used in food processing areas such as: vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus and fish oil 
  • Built in handles to ease pick-up help to make the Grade A Kitchen Mat simple to maintain
  • Hygienic porthole and solid underside design simplify cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food and bacteria can collect.
  • The Grade A Kitchen mat has a flat textured surface to increases traction in wet and/or greasy conditions.

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