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Garage Mats - Ribbed .055"


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Garage Mats - Ribbed .055"

  • Our Garage Floor Protection Mats - Ribbed .055" thickness will make your deteriorated and stained floors look new again.
  • Highly resistant to rock salts, oils, anti-freeze, gasoline, battery acids and other common fluids found in garages.
  • Diamond Pattern available in Heavy Duty 0.075" Gauge and Industrial Grade 0.085" Gauge
  • Coin Pattern availalbe in 0.075" and 0.085" Gauges.
  • Ribbed and Smooth Patterns available in 0.055" (light duty) and .075" (Heavy Duty) Gauge.
  • Ideal for garages, mud rooms, etc.
  • Garage Floor Protection Mat - Ribbed .055" mats trim easily with a razor knife.
  • These mats for garage floors basically roll out onto your floor without the need for adhesives
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Our Garage Mats - Ribbed .055" can be joined at the seams with standard double-sided carpet tape or with our seam sealer to bond the two mats together for a seamless appearance.
  • Transform your tired and worn out flooring with our Garage Matting. Availalbe in Ribbed or Smooth Texture.

Garage Mats - Ribbed Heavy Duty - .075"

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