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Frontier Wet Area Mats


Product Description

  • Frontier Wet Area Floor Mats are designed to be utilized as both Indoor or Outdoor mats. 
  • With an unbacked vinyl loop system that is soft on bare feet, but can also serve as a Scraper mat. 
  • Looped design filters and allows the passing of dirt and moisture through the mat. 
  • Frontier Wet Area Floor Mats are ideal for use in locker/shower areas, around pools/hot tubs, outdoor entrance ways, and many more.  
  • UV stable and anti-microbial. 
  • Mat is designed without edging, but can be ordered with Beveled Rubber Edging at an additional cost. 
  • 3/8” thickness in cut sizes and roll goods.  
  • Available in 3’ and 4’ widths, up to 60’ in length.
  • 3 different color options to choose from: Blue, Brown, Dark Grey

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