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Female Edge Ramp


Product Description

  • Female Edge Ramp for Interlocking wet area tiles. 
  • 1.75” Wide  x  12” Long
  • Edging is available in 5 different color options.
  • When edging is included, this adds 3-1/2" to width and length of entire mat.
  • There are total of 4 optional edge pieces - CLICK HIGHLIGHTED LINKS TO ORDER 



How To Figure Out Amount of Edging

  1. Figure out the amount of Tiles needed by drawing out your designated area, each tile is 12” x  12”.                                                                                                                              Example: Number of tiles needed for a 6' x 3' mat (18sqft area)2.png
  2. Count and add up the total number of edge pieces needed. DO NOT FORGET each corner will need two edges.                                                                                                                           Example: 18 total Edge Pieces Needed                                    10.png
  3. Now you need to figure out how many of each different edge piece you will need. 
  4. Start with the corners. In this example we need 4 corner pieces. Please note: Each corner piece will slightly extend (1.75”) past the measured area for connecting purposes.                                                                                                          Example: In any SQUARE or RECTANGULAR shape you will need                            2 Female Corner Pieces and 2 Male Corner Pieces                 9.png
  5. Take you total number of edge pieces and subtract 4, which represents the CORNER pieces already accounted for.                                                                                                       Example: 18 - 4 = 14 EDGE Pieces Total 
  6. To figure out the number of Female Edge pieces to Male Edge pieces, you take your total number of Edge Pieces and Divide it by 2. Only use this method when you have square or rectangular areas.                                                                               Example: 14/2 = 7   7 Male EDGE Pieces                                                                                                          7 Female EDGE Pieces
  7. Your total order would be as follows:18 Tiles,  2- Female Corners,  2- Male Corners,  7- Female Edges,  7- Males Edges11.png


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