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Indoor Entrance Mats for Hospitals

The Mad Matter has indoor entrance mats that are ideal for hospital and healthcare applications. We carry recessed mats, carpet mats, and several surface mat options that can withstand the constant foot and wheeled traffic that a hospital entrance experiences on a daily basis. If your current indoor mats are looking worn, or they don’t provide safe walking or adequate dirt and moisture capture, shop with us today for your new matting!

Outdoor Entrance Mats for Hospitals

The entrance of a hospital or healthcare facility sees plenty of traffic on a daily basis, and having the right outdoor mats in place can help ensure that guests and staff can safely enter the building. There will be people walking in, as well as those being brought in wheelchairs, with walkers, or other assistive devices, and providing a safe entrance surface is imperative. If your outdoor entrance mats are wearing out, or you don’t have enough mats in place, shop with The Mad Matter today!

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In the categories below, you will find indoor and outdoor entrance mats for hospitals and healthcare facilities. These entrance mats, matting, and tiles are designed for specific uses in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and medical office buildings. These medical floor mats will keep your staff and your patients safe, and your facility clean.