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Anti Fatigue Mats for Schools

There are several places within a school or college where anti-fatigue mats can be beneficial. Copier stations, standing desks, and cashier stands in the cafeteria are all places where anti-fatigue matting can be placed to help students and employees avoid tired legs and feet. The Mad Matter has matting options that are ideal for every area of your school, and we can help you select the best products for your facilities. Look through our selection today!

Kitchen Mats for Schools

The Mad Matter has extensive selection of kitchen mats for schools and colleges, and these mats will prove ideal in your cafeterias, food prep areas, and general kitchen settings. We have mats for dishwashing stations, serving areas, and walk-in freezers. We have mats that can help prevent slips and falls when food debris or liquid is present, as well as grease-proof mats for stove and oven areas. Find your new college kitchen mats today!

Safety Mats for Schools

The Mad Matter has several safety mats for schools settings, and when you shop with us, you’ll find mats for your locker rooms, shower areas, entrances, hallways, and more. You want to provide a safe walking and standing surface for students and employees, no matter where they are, and with new safety mats from us, you’ll be able to place mats wherever they’re needed! Look through our inventory today, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Specialty Mats for Schools

High schools, colleges, and universities have unique matting needs, and The Mad Matter has products to meet all of those needs. If you need new mats for your teacher lounges, school gym, or outdoor track, you’ll find them in our store. We have specialty mats of all kinds, and can help you select the ideal options for every area of your building, both indoor and out. We have vinyl mats, rubber mats, interlocking tiles, and more, so shop today!

Entrance Mats for Schools

The Mad Matter has the ideal selection of entrance mats for schools and colleges, including all types of indoor and outdoor matting options. You want mats that look great and do an adequate job of trapping dirt and moisture, as well as provide scraping action where necessary. If you need new surface mats, recessed mats, or entrance mats of any type for your school, shop with us today!

Logo Mats for Schools

School logo mats are some of our most popular matting options, and if you need new mats to display your school name or mascot, we can help you design the perfect options. The Mad Matter is devoted to helping schools and colleges find the logo mats they need to promote school pride, provide wayfinding directions, and relay important information. If you’re shopping for new custom logo mats for your high school, college, or university, look through our inventory today!

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When you shop with The Mad Matter, you will find a diverse selection of floor mats for schools and colleges. Should you require office floor mats, logo matting, rubber mats for the cafeteria, or gym floor mats, we've got you covered. You may be overwhelmed with the school floor mat options that are available. If so, please give us a call so we can help you find the best floor mats for your school or college. We have wet area matting for use around pools and spas, carpet runners, anti-fatigue mats for labs and pharmacies, safety mats, and even switchboard matting to guard against electric shock. Take advantage of our 20+ years of floor matting experience to help make your floors cleaner, safer from slip and falls, and less expensive to maintain. Our mats will floor you!