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Dr. Stand-Eze 7/8"


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Dr. Stand-Eze Anti Fatigue Mats - 7/8" Thickness - Anti-fatigue Floor Mats for Medical Environments

  • Dr. Stand-Eze fatigue mats come with an attractive, smooth marbleized surface that is non-porous and encapsulates a thick foam sponge core.  This design serves to prevent liquids, bloods and chemical from getting into the sponge and helps to reduce airborn particulate matter from forming through normal use.
  • Dr. Stand-Eze floor mats are ergonomically designed to stimulate blood flow and prevent fatigue.
  • Dr. Stand-Eze anti-fatigue floor mats possess excellent physical properties such as tensile strength, tear resistance and clean ability.
  • As previously mentioned, the foam cushion of each Dr. Stand-Eze floor mat is sealed in a non-porous envelope that is bonded to the underside - this also serves to protect the foam during normal use.  
  • Furthermore, this foam encapsulation construction helps the floor mat from being a source of particulate matter being generated in "clean room" environments due to foam degradation.
  • Encapsulated structure of Dr. Stand-Eze anti-fatigue mats also prevents liquids and bodily fluids from coming in contact with the foam core.
Dr. Stand-Eze Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats are also Available in a 1/2" Thickness

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