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Diamond-Plate SpongeCote Fatigue Matting - Black


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Diamond-Plate SpongeCote Anti-Fatigue Mats - 9/16" Thick - Black -  Fatigue Mats for Standing

  • The Wearwell Diamond-Plate SpongeCote Floor Mats have set the standard for comfort in the ant-fatigue mat industry for many years
  • Diamond Plate SpongeCote fatigue mats offers comfort, enhanced productivity, long-term performance for the standing worker. 
  • Diamond-Plate SpongeCote anti-fatigue floor mats emply a Vinyl Surface that is bonded to a thick Nitricell Sponge base.  This serves the purpose of insulating feet from cold hard floors, This helps to make the Diamond-Plate SpongeCote fatigue mats some of the most popular standing floor mats on the market
  • Furthermore, the Nitricell Sponge base is a nitrile composite that not only provides for exceptional comfort and resilience, but also ensures a long usable life-span for the floor mat.
  • Made in a 9/16" overall thicknesses, Diamond-Plate SpongeCote floor mats have Beveled Edging on all 4 sides for increased safety from Tripping Hazards
  • All Diamond-Plate SpongeCote anti-fatigue floor mats are chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Some Ideal Applications for Diamond-Plate fatigue mats include:  Service Counters, Shipping and Receiving, Retail Check - Out Stands, Pharmacy Counters, Mail / UPS Rooms, Dry Assembly Lines, Copy Machines, Dry Workbench Areas, Packaging Areas, Parts Counters, Laboratories, etc.
  • DiamondPlate SpongeCote anti-fatigue mats are available in 2', 3', 4', 5' and 6' Wide Rolls up to 75' in Length (5' and 6' widths are seamed together and are only available in Black and Black with Yellow Border)
  • Compression:  .415 inches @ 35PSI per ASTM D575
  • Coefficient of Friction:  .68 Dry per ASTM F1677
  • Tabor Abrasion: <1% Lost @ 1000 cycles per Fed Std 191
  • Flammability Rating: Surface Rating: MVSS 302 " A Rating
  • Flammability Rating:  Sponge:  Mil-P12420C Burned for <5 seconds
  • Color:  Black
  • Warranty:  4 Years - Diamond-Plate SpongeCote floor mats last.

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