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Designer Anti Fatigue Mat


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Designer Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Designer fatigue mats enable you to stand in comfort and style anywhere in your home.  
  • 5/8" Thickness of Designer floor mats make them an attractive kitchen floor mat
  • The Designer anti-fatigue padded kitchen mats are available in two popular sizes:  36" x 20" and 72" x 20". 
  • The larger Designer floor mat is often used as comfortable kitchen mats in front of an island, sink, stove or in a larger laundry room.  
  • Designer anti-fatigue mats come with a 7 YEAR WARRANTY against delamination, compression, wear-through and rolling or curled edges.
  • With an Anti-Microbial design, the Designer anti-fatigue kitchen mat will help to keep kitchens from being breeding grounds for germs and will help to reduce odors associated with germs.
  • Designer home standing mats are Puncture Resistant, Flame Resistant, Lightweight and Easy to Clean.
  • All Designer floor mats have a beveled edge that is designed to reduce trip hazards and the edges WILL NEVER CURL UP
  • Designer kitchen floor mats are 100% Recyclable 
  • Each Designer kitchen mat is embossed with a scrolled design that will accent any decor.
  • Four Colors:  Black, Brown, Tan and Burgundy
  • Designer padded kitchen mats are Proudly Made in the USA

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