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Corrugated Runner V-Groove Vinyl - 1/8"


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Corrugated Runner V-Groove Vinyl - 1/8"

  • Thickness 1/8" Vinyl Construction with Tight Ribbed V-Groove Pattern 
  • Color: Black
  • Corrugated V-Groove mats provide a safe footing
  • Low Profile prevents tripping
  • Corrugated grooves elevate shoes above water and prevents it from seeping ont floor
  • Roll Widths: 2', 3', and 4' Widths up to 105' in length.
  • Custom Cuts available.
  • Easily trims with razor knife.
  • Helps to remove dirt and mud from shoes requiring only routine maintenance with a broom
  • Corrugated Runner Mats have a deep V-Groove linear pattern for non slip applications. 
  • Great for floor protection in high traffic areas.

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