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Corrugated Round Rib Runner - Vinyl -1/8"


Product Description

  • The 1/8" Corrugated Round Rib Runner protects hard floors, reduces cleaning costs and adds traction where it is needed
  • Round Rib Runner is a vinyl floor runner with an easy to clean corrugated rib surface
  • Low profile 1/8" thickness of Round Rib floor mats helps to reduce trip hazards
  • Corrugated vinyl floor ribbed rubber floor mats are resistant to most acids and chemicals
  • Use 1/8" Round Rib Runner floor mats to quickly transform slippery or slick hard floor surfaces into a more safe walking surface
  • 1/8" Corrugated matting is easily trimmed with a utility knifie
  • Corrugated Round Rib Runner floor mats are non-absorbent and is easy to maintain - Sweep to clean
  • Corrugated round ribbed rubber mats are available in Black, Gray and Brown
  • Corrugated rubber runner mats are available in 2', 3' and 4' Widths up to 105' in length - Custom Lengths are available
  • Ideal ribbed rubber flooring uses:  Provide traction on smooth or slick floors, as a shelf liner, safety runner for walkways, any areas where an increase in walk surface safety is desired

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