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Kitchen Mats for Business

The Mad Matter has kitchen mats for all types of applications, including restaurants, diners, and office cafeterias. The right kitchen floor mat can make all the difference, and help prevent accidents from occurring. We have mats for dishwashing areas, prep counters, and more, and can help you select the ideal mats for every space. We also have break room mats, so if you’re concerned about spills or slipping hazards, shop with us today!

Logo Mats for Business

Your business logo is everywhere – on your door, your stationery, and office sign on the street. Why not put it on your entrance mats? The Mad Matter has the ideal logo mats for businesses, and we can create a custom matting product just for you. We have both indoor and outdoor mat options, so if you’re looking for new logo mats, shop with us today!

Safety Mats for Business

In order to be productive, a work environment needs to be safe. At The Mad Matter, we want to help every business owner find the safety mats that they need for their building, so that every employee is protected from harm whenever they’re on the job. We have anti-fatigue mat options, switchboard safety mats, and more. Shop with us today to find your new mats!

Anti Fatigue Mats for Business

When choosing new anti-fatigue mats for your business, it’s important to consider a few factors. Will your new mats be placed in a wet or dry environment? Will they need to withstand constant or occasional use? Will you need to be able to move the mats easily or configure them in a different format? With our anti-fatigue matting options, you’ll be able to answer all of these questions and more. The Mad Matter has a great selection of anti-fatigue floor mats for businesses, so shop with us today!

Entrance Mats for Business

The entrance mats in front of your business are extremely important, as they provide safe footing for guests and they enter, and create the first impression a visitor has of your building. The Mad Matter has a wide inventory of indoor and outdoor entrance mats for business use, and we can help you select the proper options based on size, layout, and whether your mats are for surface or recessed applications. Shop with us now to find your new entrance mats!

Specialty Mats for Use in Business

There are areas in your office building or workshop that require special floor mats. The Mad Matter has options for all of those areas, including welding mats, break room mats, and more. If you’re looking for new flooring for your next trade show booth, you’ll find it in this category. We also have shower and wet area mats for your office pools and locker rooms. When you have special mat needs, you’ll find everything in our store!

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Our commercial rubber flooring for businesses come in a variety of types and styles. Whether you’re searching for a logo floor mat with your business name, or an anti-fatigue mat for a workstation, you will find a large selection of floor matting products that can be used in a business setting. We carry entrance mats, workstation mats, and anti-fatigue mats for business use. Should you need any assistance choosing the best floor mat for your business, please give us a call. We are always here to help!