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Comfort Tile Interlocking Tiles


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  • Comfort Tile Interlocking Wet Area Tiles are made of PVC plastic that interlock to quickly transform showers and wet slippery floors into a nonslip walk surface.
  • Easily be cut to size and utilized in various wet area applications in need of slip resistance.
  • Naturally anti-microbial plastic flooring tiles and are resistant to mold and mildew.
  • 12" x 12" plastic flooring tiles
  • The use of Wheelchairs and shower seats do not pose any issues for the Comfort Tile when Edge Ramps are assembled. Sold seperately.
  • 1/2" thickness
  • The bi-level and large hole design allows liquids to easily pass through to the underside allowing liquids to easily fall through and below the walking surface.
  • The underside design of Comfort Interlocking Shower tiles permit air flow aiding in the evaporation process.
  • Available in 5 differnt COLORS
  • Edging is available in same color as the Comfort Tile.
  • If you need Edging CLICK HERE for individual Edge Ramp prices.  
  • 1.75”  x  12”  (edge ramps)
  • 1.75”  x  12.75” (corner ramps)
  • Recommended Use Shower stalls, indoor pool decks, locker rooms, kennels, laundry rooms, or other indoor wet area matting needs.
  • Want pre-configured mat prices? CLICK HERE
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When using Comfort Tile Interlocking Wet Area Tiles, it is best to use in a wall-to-wall application. Comfort Tile Interlocking Wet Area Tiles are designed to create a NON-SLIP SURFACE texture in wet areas.

Comfort Interlocking Shower Tiles



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